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Grey Grimaldi –

I am a 23 year old music producer, singer/songwriter, and graphic designer based out of Denver, Colorado. I am a full-time student studying music production at Full Sail University, and have a passion for all things creative. When I’m not creating, I enjoy cooking, watching documentaries, hiking, and spending time with my dog and my wonderful boyfriend.





The moment my dreams were revealed to me and I realized my full potential was the luckiest moment in my life. Most people will never have the opportunity to unmask their dreams, which are often obscured by undervalued potential. I hope to design a Fashion and Lifestyle brand that disrupts ignorance and unimaginative thinking. I want it to provoke and reconstruct strict societal confines on beauty, identification and expression. More than anything, I want my art form to inspire people to feel confident, beautiful, powerful, and happy. I believe that by sharing my progress and publishing my work I can provide the basic principles on which the brand will stand. Together, we can create a community that is engaged in pursuing the values set forth and inspire others to do the same. I believe this brand has the potential to set many more dreams on fire. Creating a future that encourages innovation, creativity and individuality.


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