Artist Spotlight: Alma

Hello friends! This is a beautiful life, but it is also a hectic one. Good news though! The magic of music has got me feeling refreshed and ready to share with you guys an awesome new artist that I came across while scouring the endless abyss that is YouTube. This lovely artist goes by the name of Alma, and her brand of catchy Neo-Pop will leave you wanting to dye YOUR hair a glowing shade of yellow!



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So who is she? The 22 year old Alma-Sofia Miettinen, known professionally as Alma, got her start in 2013 competing in the seventh season of the televised singing competition Finnish Idols, in which she placed fifth. After the show aired, she joined Finnish rapper Sini Sabotage on tour and was also featured on Simi’s 2015 single “Muuta ka mä”. In early 2016, Alma singed a deal with Universal Music. Not long after, she released her first single, “Karma”. This banging House track, in which Alma promises to “bring the karma” to someone that has wronged her, peaked at No. 5 upon the Finnish Singles Chart.



At the end of October 2016, Alma released her debut EP Dye My Hair, a 4-track collection of Dance-Pop gems guaranteed to be ringing through your head hours after you push the pause button. House anthem “Karma” is joined by the plucky Pop jam “Dye My Hair”, in which Alma details a string of erratic and out of character behaviors induced by her infatuation with another person. Then, Alma slows things down a bit and channels some Drake-esque, R&B feel’s on “Knock”. The EP also included an acoustic, stripped down rendition of “Dye My Hair”. Fast forward a few months to March 2017, and we see the release of a brand new single “Chasing Highs”, which recounts the late-night unfolding of a surprise romance. This infectious Deep House track solidified Alma’s obvious talent for writing House bangers. In fact, this was the very song I came across on YouTube that sparked my obsession with her! 😉



Alma’s take on catchy Dance-Pop is reminiscent of artists such as or Zara Larsson, but seemingly with a bit more edge. Her recipe is a simple one; add one part the perfection of digital production, throw in some bubbling plucky synths and a banging House-style bass line. Then, finally, blend it all together with the raw intensity of her soul-bearing vocals. The outcome is a sharp-edged jewel of modern Pop music that’s guaranteed to leave a mark. Alma’s in-your-face vocal chops are a powerhouse. Her unfiltered rawness is comparable to the likes of Sia, albeit a bit more delicate and subtle in timbre.



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In early March of 2018, Alma released the 6-track “Heavy Rules” mixtape, an amalgamation of future-pop and hip-hop tracks outlining the future direction of her sound. The mixtape features several collaborations with other artists, such as the summer-tuned track “Good Vibes” featuring Tove Stryke, or the sauciness of “Dance For Me” featuring MØ. On the haunting hip-hop track “Back2U”, Alma bears some soul over an eerie sounding melody, vowing to choose her lover over her newfound stardom. Alma brings the attitude on “Legend”, detailing her DGAF, party-girl point of view over a punchy, Electro bass line that is somewhat reminiscent of Iggy Azalea‘s 2014 hit-single “Fancy“. Alma returns to her Deep House roots on “Chit Chat” featuring Kiiara, a song describing her desire to move past social standards and just let loose, claiming “We don’t need money, no we don’t need fame / Fuck a party in the U.S.A / We don’t money, no we don’t need it, yeah.” My favorite track on the mixtape is “Fake Gucci” a Future-Pop jam with hip-hop influences, in which Alma confesses to a love interest that she hasn’t got anything but fake Gucci and love to offer. The 6-track mixtape gives a good indication of Alma’s future sound and sets the stage for a full studio album, which although still unconfirmed, is hopefully in the works and something we’ll see here in the near future.



Until then, I suppose I’ll have to rely on the “Heavy Rules” mixtape to feed my ever-growing obsession with Alma and her raw, Future-Pop feels. I hope you enjoy her music as much as I do friends! If you’ve got any thoughts on her sound, or if you want to share some similar artists for me to give a listen to, feel free leave them below in the comments section! I’d love to hear what you all think! Until next time friends! 🙂

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