Motion and Anti-motion

Hey everyone! Sorry about the slow posts these past few weeks; midterms have been slightly crazy and in order to share things we must learn them first.  This week I want to discuss motion and anti-motion as it relates to both conscious movement and lack of movement in our bodies, minds and art.



WE ARE MEANT TO MOVE! WE ARE MEANT TO DANCE! Too often we become out of touch with our bodies and when this happens we forget how far we can reach. Our full potential lies just beyond our untapped abilities. So, we must relearn what our bodies can do. We must dive into every muscle as if to sculpt the body through movement. We must learn to flow in such a way that we exude passion. WE ARE MEANT TO MOVE! WE ARE MEANT TO DANCE!

Now we stand, aware of our space; now we stand, in control of time. We’ve consciously rediscovered our bodies, with intentions of grandeur. We’ve found the way we flow, the way we move, the way we dance.

To arise in this moment, an unfortunate hindrance. We must sit back and decide what’s next. The options are many; the answers are few. We either follow the notion, a vague and unsettled dream, or choose anti-motion and buffer what is gold—agleam.

And so, it all goes back to where it started, a moment static and quiet. In this state of regression, we do not become complacent. We are consciously at rest. This moment is both special and fruitful. It provides us an opportunity to re-center ourselves, gather our thoughts, analyze what we have learned and uncontrollably and unconsciously dream our wildest dreams. In this conscious and, now, unconscious stillness we have given our bodies an opportunity to recharge. We have begun to develop our minds and now we begin to develop ourselves.

“Je pense, donc je suis.” I think, therefore I am.

With an insatiable urge, we spring forward with haste. Plans set in motion, devotion enlaced. We use our new-found knowledge of both mind and body and apply our voice to what we embody. Creative creation.

Our art provides the opportunity to move the masses. We share with it our knowledge of space and time. Whether actual or implied, the movement in our art provides meaning to its design. With work done well, it’s time to start again. We switch back from motion into anti-motion, conscious and aware. This cycle never ends because we constantly working on ourselves. Never stop moving. Never stop dancing. WE ARE MEANT TO MOVE! WE ARE MEANT TO DANCE!



Thanks for sticking by me this week, as I tried something new. It was my attempt to show movement in writing and I hope that it was well perceived. Motion and anti-motion are both necessary in our health. We, as humans, need balance and balance is best achieved consciously. I wish everyone a balanced week, full of dance, full of flow, full of dreams and full of art.

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