Our Movement for Social Justice

I’m going to start this post by updating the definition of “Power Dressing”.  The phrase originates from the late 1970’s and described women who established their authority in a male dominated workplace. They accomplished this task by adopting men’s styles including colors, prints, textures, and suiting. So I, TZC, am recommending a movement for social justice, one that disrupts ignorance and outdated thinking…

Power Dressing is an opportunity for WOMEN AND MEN to dress in a way that helps them find their confidence and exude their power.

This type of dressing is no longer about attempting to fit into a male dominated culture. Instead it’s about finding our individuality and sharing that in way that allows us to free ourselves of strict societal constructs about how we should look. How else do we promote change other than embodying it and allowing others to learn acceptance?

FullSizeRender 25

“I always expect to look and feel like I just stepped off the cover of a magazine.”


So, what does this mean for all of us?

First, we must determine who we are and how we can best represent who we want to be. We have to learn to mesh the two and through this experience we learn to develop our style. Our personal style allows us to speak without words and provides us a platform to share our identity. Instead of “thinking outside the box,” lets pretend the box never existed. “People Judge deviation from the norm as positive because it suggests that the individual is powerful enough to risk the social cost of such behaviors.” –Tori Rodriguez

Second, we take our style, believe in our choice to stand out, and make the world our runway. We walk with our heads held high, our shoulders back, and a smize that slays. We should expect doubt from others; but when we believe we are strong enough to conquer the world, we develop into someone who can.

We are all powerful beings and nothing should be holding us back from that. When we doubt our confidence, we doubt our power. Always remember we are a community of individuals who hold each other up and since failure isn’t an option in our community, we will succeed. Have a beautiful week, till next time!

P.S. We would love to see how you power dress. Email your photos and send your stories and we will share them with the community.

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