10 Fail-Proof Ways to Ignite Your Creative Spark



Ever sit down to write and find yourself staring at a blank page, unable to scribble the slightest of sentences? Ever try to work on music, yet find yourself devoid of any quality ideas? Ever sit down to draw only to be swallowed by an endless void of possibilities? As creative individuals, we often find ourselves plagued by the inconvenience of creative block. Even the most talented & seasoned creative’s experience the exhaustion of quality ideas from time to time.  There are moments where it may seem like our best option is to wait it out, which can occasionally be an okay way for us to deal with creative block. Sometimes, however, we don’t have the option or the desire to wait for our creative cramp to work itself out naturally. These occasions call for us to message our mental muscle and clear up our cognitive obscurity. There is a limitless number of possible solutions when it comes to the problem of creative block. Here are a few fail-proof favorites to get those creative juices flowing!


  • Change Your Environment


Sometimes familiar spaces can seem bleak and uninspiring. Why not get out of our usual work places and find somewhere fresh to practice our craft? Something as simple as finding a comfortable spot outdoors or heading down to our local coffee shop can be just the switch up needed to get our inner gears going.



  • Practice Other Creative Forms


So much can be gained from switching up how we create! If you’re a writer, why not try expressing your ideas through motion? Being a musician, how would you represent your ideas visually? Seeing how our creative style translates from one practice to another can give us great insight and inspiration.



  • Experience Life


Taking ourselves out of the creative process and focusing on just having fun is a great way to relax and reset ourselves mentally. Go for a hike, grab a drink with some friends, or maybe volunteer locally! Spending time with people and enjoying all that life has to offer is an essential part of keeping ourselves coming up with fresh ideas!



  • Input = Output


Having a constant stream of inspiration and information flowing is a great way to break through the barriers of creative block. Read a book, go to a museum, purchase tickets to a local theater production, or search your city for street art! Inspiration can be found anywhere and surrounds us all the time. Immerse yourself in culture.



  • Boost Your Serotonin


Science tells us that there is a strong correlation between the neurotransmitter serotonin and creativity in humans. Finding ways to naturally boost your serotonin levels, such as exercise or meditation, can help increase your creative thinking and be the kick you need to climb out of your creative slump!



  • Change, Grow, Adapt


As humans, one of the best ways for us to learn and grow is to utilize the influence of others. Don’t be afraid to steal from your fellow visionaries; as creative’s we do this constantly. Attempting to understand and practice another person’s creative process is an outstanding way to expand and embellish our own process.



  • Purge and Develop


One effective way to break through the chains of creative block is to purge these beautiful minds of ours of any and all the ideas or thoughts we can muster. Once we get them all of paper, we begin the process of selecting those of substance so we can attempt to develop them for use. It gives us a place to start and it is a great way to clear a cluttered mind.



  • Create Limitations


Sometimes limitless variety and endless possibilities can leave us feeling lost and without any sense of direction. When we find ourselves in this predicament, a simple way for us to beat the blockade is to create limitations for ourselves. By setting guidelines for a project, you narrow the infinite possibilities into something that can guide your creativity.



  • Embrace Tranquility


Sometimes the best way to get yourself working is to not work at all. We all need a little pampering from time to time. Bask in the sun, take a relaxing shower, or go get a massage. Taking a moment for yourself to calm, center, and reset can rejuvenate your mindset and bring a new light to old problems.



  • Collaborate!


We are intrinsically social creatures, and as such, we often work best when we can bounce thoughts and ideas off of one another. Getting together with a friend or colleague to work can help expand your range of vision and can lead to the development of truly great ideas!



Though the dull of creative block can be quite dreadful to experience, hope is not lost! Utilizing the methods listed above can help us to help alleviate the side effects of creative block and get us back into our flow. Got some great solutions of your own for defeating creative block? Share them below in the comment section!

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