Sweet Dreams

Hello friends, I have been pondering a question lately and thought I would bring it to a group of individuals that might be able to shed some light for me. Why are there so many people out there attempting to magically come across their dreams? It appears as though we, as a society, have been cheated into thinking our dreams are separate from our passions and that they will one day reveal themselves to us as we casually move forward through our lives.




We need to stop imagining ourselves as child sitting atop a crescent moon fishing into a sea of clouded dreams. This tactic has only ever worked for one boy and as it turns out his passion is fishing and his dream is to inspire innocence.


Instead, as dreamers of the seemingly impossible, it’s our duty to cultivate our passions in a way that allows us to make a difference in the world. We must see beyond our fears and doubts and attempt to achieve something greater than ourselves. At this point we’re all asking the same question…


“Where the hell do I start?!”


We start by exploring our bodies, minds and souls; figuring how to redefine, rebuild, and restore our foundations. As we strip down the walls we’ve built up for society we expose what motivates us, what we’re curious about, and what we understand and why. Most importantly, we start to recognize what we’re naturally good at and the areas in which we can improve. At this point we will come across opportunities that could provide some direction. Fortunately for a fair and envied few, they will realize their talents as an opportunity to make a difference. For the rest of us, we will have to put our faith and hope into something that may not come as naturally. We will have to accept that we are starting a little later in the game, that many others will have talents which far surpass our own and be comfortable with the terrain of the road less traveled.


As long as we see potential we can achieve it.


Was Luxo, Jr. the first choice when casting the letters for Pixar? No, he wasn’t; but he relentlessly pursued a new identification and cultivated his passion for being in the spotlight. Now he is remembered not as a desk lamp that likes to play with his toys but as an artist with a bright future ahead of him.

We must all strive to be like Luxo, Jr; we must view our talents as opportunities and apply them to something we feel passionate about. It will never be easy and it will require work every day. We will have to learn through experimentation and strive for excellence. We will fail and the going is bound to get the best of us but that doesn’t give us room or reason to doubt our potential.


 We are better than our mistakes and we are stronger than our failures.


Sweet dreams to us all!

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