The death of a dream begins in one of two places; in someones mouth or inside your head. Sometimes we feel as though the whole entire world is telling us that we will never make it. That our dreams are foolish and unfathomably out of reach. Sometimes theres an ever persistent voice in our head nagging us, obsessed with questioning our talent, capability, and worth. Sometimes the grind of the day to day can leave us feeling as though we’re swimming up stream, the river of life forcing us backwards no matter how fiercely we fight to move forward. More often than not, it’s these feelings of doubt and inadequacy that snub out the fire of an individuals dreams. “It’s too far out of reach.” “My goal is so unrealistic.” “How can I possibly achieve something so grand?” These are the tribulations we deal with on a daily basis as individuals living in todays fast paced, high-stakes society.

So where does that leave us? Destined to waste our potential, working our lives away building someone else’s success? Or does it leave us with an ultimatum? We can either do whatever we can to pursue our goals and spend our lives doing what we love… or we can step aside and watch as the fire we feel inside slowly dims away to nothing.

We are starting The Dream Project in hopes of cultivating a community of creatives and dreamers who are dedicated to helping themselves and others do what they love to do. Our goal is to share with you an assortment of art, music, fashion, and inspiration from creative’s all around the world. In addition, we are also dedicated to sharing not only our journey, but also the journeys of all our fellow creatives. Consider this an invitation to follow us, and feel free to contact us if you would like to share your work or your insights on the site!

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